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Purple Ayahuasca Pre Roll


Purple Ayahuasca pre rolled joints is Indica with the following Genetics: Master Kush X Red River Delta.


Purple Ayahuasca Pre Roll For Sale Online | Leaflyshop.com

purple ayahuasca pre roll is a sativa-dominant hybrid of afghani and ghost strains. This purple ayahuasca strain has effects similar to the original ayahuasca, but with a touch of euphoria.

Purple Ayahuasca

The product is an excellent strain for a morning wake and bake or an afternoon pick me up. Because it’s also indica-dominant, it’s also good for fatigue, stress and anxiety.

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Benefits of purple ayahuasca pre roll

It is best used for Depression, Stress, Hunger, the effects includes; Relaxing, Sleepy, Euphoric.

Also, it is a medicinal cannabis product used for the treatment of insomnia, lack of appetite and stress. This product is one of the best selling drug which guarantees you a very high potency and quality. The Purple Ayahausca Pre Roll contains high potency cannabis.

This marijuana product is infused with pure and natural energy. The relaxing effect gives a feeling of tranquility, peace of mind and positive thoughts.

Purple Ayawaska effects are manifested in the mind – spirit connection, which opens the subconscious part of your personality and helps you become aware of your potential.

Purple is a unique strain that reveals the deepest negative effects depending on the person, giving them a valuable experience they will never forget.

Purple kush brings euphoria to relieve suffering, improves mental activity, and enhances creativity. It is a great pain reliever and provides a great night’s sleep.

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150 in a pack, 250 in a pack, 30 in a pack, 65 in a pack

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Purple Ayahuasca

Purple Ayahuasca Pre Roll


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