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Afghani Red Wrap Hash


THC Percentage: 50%-65%
CBD Percentage: 1.8%


Afghani Hash For Sale Online |

For those who need higher doses and use faster acting ‘delivery’ methods to take their product. This is Afghani ‘Red Wrap’ Hash and is typical in that has a stiff but still malleable consistency.

The ‘red wrap’ refers to the red translucent paper that the large block hash comes wrapped in. Afghani hash is hand-pressed from small, bushy indicas.

Smell: Spicy
Taste: Spicy, somewhat harsh on the throat. This hash can induce coughing in inexperienced users.
Consistency: Stiff but pliable.
Effect: A very physical and stony high.
Potency: Typical potency for Afghani Hash which runs about 50%-65% THC. The high takes about 5 minutes to reach it’s full potential.


Afghani Hash

What is Afghani Red Wrap Hash?

Our Afghan Red Wrap Hash is made in the same way as traditional Afghani hash, but with a few new twists.

Here we combined young female flowers grown in Colorado with traditional Afghani hash for a wonderful combination of taste and texture, wrapped in a unique twist of USA & Afghanistan.

The medicinal effects of our Afghani Red wrap hash is amazing.

Our hashish is made from very potent and cleanly grown red marijuana flowers. It is processed using a reliable and proven method to extract the resin glands of the marijuana plant without contaminating it with other dried plant material.

Hashish or compressed marijuana resin, is only made from the resin glands or trichomes of the flowering female cannabis plant. Hashish is generally pressed into bars which are then broken up into small pieces before use.

The rich aroma and smooth smoke of fine imported hash blended with the potent resin from the Afghan cannabis plant is a favorite of all connoisseurs. This top-of-the-line cannabis comes in attractive foil wrappers that are individually wrapped for freshness.

Benefits of Afghani Red Wrap Hash

Our Afghani Red Wrap Hash is a light and fluffy flower with exotic and deep earthy notes. It is made with 100% clean cannabis plant material, and then decarboxylated for optimum effect.

This red-brown colored hash is made from the top quality red weed that is well known for its high tolerance and its relaxing effect.

Afghani Red Wrap Hash, from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, is a very clean, pure & potent clear nugget. Available in 1/8th, ¼ and 1 pound increments.

When it comes to flavor, this Afghani red weed has got it. With a hash plant concentration of up to 20% THC and a beautiful red-brown hue, its rich herbal aroma promises a relaxing experience that will ease you away from the usual stresses. Red Wrap is part of our our Hash collection which includes other bloom types: Golden Supreme and Kosher Tangie.

Using flash-sealed, soil-free and all-natural Afghan Red nuggets, our master roasters have developed a red wrap that delivers fresh flavor, a robust aroma and intoxicating effects

Often referred to as “Red Eye”, Red Afghani is the holy grail of hash; this tasty sample is a combination of classic Afghani hash and delicious bubble hash. Made from an indica strain known for its strong body effects and distinguished red color, this fine selection has become more popular as medical patients are now looking for alternatives to THC-dominant strains.

Effects of Afghani Hash

Afghani Red Wrap Hash has been finely chopped and lightly pressed for a more manageable texture. Its color is a reddish brown, and its smoke is deep red. The flavor is very rich in spices and incense, with a peppery finish.

Afghan red wrap has the intense flavor and aroma of Afghani hash with a lemony tang and strong sweet notes. Typically reddish-sand in color, it contains an average of 36% or more THC resin. Afghani red wrap will leave you relaxed, mellow, and focused.

A great example of classic Afghani Hash with the distinctive red color. This hash is usually in rectangular blocks, and wrapped in corn leaf for safe keeping. With a pungent aromatic pine aroma, this hash is powerful and will hit you hard. This hash is renownd to be some of the best from Afghanistan.

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180 grams, 30 grams, 90 grams

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16 Reviews For This Product

  1. 16

    by Savoini Giacomo

    Prefer this over the Moroccan hash. Better texture! its really has Nice and smooth taste!!

  2. 16

    by Josh

    I have tried most of the hash available here and this one is by far my favourite. Very cool smoking and good taste, also has a very good malleable texture. High quality hash! so supper good

  3. 16

    by Mercy mercy

    Good taste. Like the buzz will order again. Can’t love this any less

  4. 16

    by jasmie

    very nice hash i will order this tonight or tmr manged to try this off a buddy

  5. 16

    by admin

    Vary clean buzz
    Vary soft great for bottle tokes
    Highly recommended to hash smokers 🙂

  6. 16

    by Ika Zazo

    Some of the best quality hash i have had the pleasure of smoking. Very sticky stuff that burns nice and clean and is very smooth to smoke. Great alone in a pie or peppered in a joint. Classic hash aroma. I think this is some of the best hash ever i have ever had. Again thank you for providing a quality top notch product at a reasonable price. A small piece of this black goodness goes a long way when used judiciously. Hard to do with this quality black. Will be sure to order more and hopefully get same batch!

  7. 16

    by Homel

    One of the best overall taste and high from a hash I’ve ever had. I will add this to every order!!

  8. 16

    by zoe

    It’s was the fist time I taste afghani hash, Wow, nnice taste burn well in joint or pipe.i must say i am well pleased

  9. 16

    by bowen

    For the old school hash lovers !!!! I loved it its perfect for bottle tokes or hot knives !!! The taste is real earthy not spicy at all i really enjoy this hash !!!

  10. 16

    by Bratt

    WOW. I wasn’t expecting much but wanted a taste of nostalgia. I have been smoking for years and I have a fairly high tolerance but I was nicely surprised. This stuff tastes fantastic and the high is wonderful.

  11. 16

    by Zuccolo

    Good hash, semi-soft so easy to do what you want with. Nice smell and taste, not very potent, more of a mellow high. Will buy again because I love hash

  12. 16

    by tm.7

    Nice and soft , burn on pin for bottles , awesome buzz , wish would come by the oz ?

  13. 16

    by Sponge

    Love this stuff, you can tell from the smell that its high quality and potent. Compared it to some other stuff I got for cheaper locally and this stuff was way better. This is just what i had in the days with my mates

  14. 16

    by Francisco

    Gotta love Afghani hash, definitely never a disappointment. Always pleased with this product, tastes so delicious and always soothes the soul. Nothin better then good old hash to spice you your medicinal stash.

  15. 16

    by Rex

    great tasting hash. quality all the way.Reminds me of the hash from my teen years.

  16. 16

    by mandela

    This takes me back!! So good. awesome!!

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